Mediations, Arbitrations and Hearing Officer

Mediations, Arbitrations and Hearing Officer
Since my retirement from the Judiciary, I have been in the practice of law in the position of “of counsel” to excellent law firms in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. This has allowed me to be successful in the field of alternate dispute resolution. I have done numerous mediations, arbitrations and special master matters. My mediations over the years have focused on employment matters. Frankly, I have been dogged by a reputation of being a “criminal judge.” However, over the last 14 years I have gained the trust of the civil bar to assist them in successfully resolving their cases.

Every mediator has his or her own style consistent with their personality and the nature of the case. I have developed a low key style which brings adversaries together, diffuses volatile situations, opens lines of communication, develops the trust of the parties and their attorneys, and significantly manages the expectations of the parties.

The purpose of a mediator is to try to bring the parties to an agreeable resolution. There are many reasons to use mediation. It is less costly than litigation, gives the parties control over the outcome, and offers a forum to quickly resolve a matter so that the parties can “go on with their lives.”

I have significant experience in evaluating potential witnesses as well as the value of the case. Furthermore, I feel that I am a good judge of people.

I have successfully mediated matters in the area of employment law including LAD cases and CEPA “whistleblower” cases; contract matters, liability of law enforcement officers; personal injury cases; termination of professional practices; and disputes among heirs of a will.

In addition to mediations, I have been a hearing officer in many cases throughout the state. I have heard civil rights allegations against law enforcement officers, as well as disciplinary charges against police officers.

My Qualifications In This Area
  • Mediated many matters especially in the area of employment law
  • Served as a panelist for Morris County Bar on mediations
  • Have developed a mediation technique that provides an environment for settlement
  • Great experience in evaluating potential witnesses

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