Megan’s Law Registry Removal and Sex Crimes Consultation

Authored by Hon. Barnett E. Hoffman, PJSC (Ret.)
& Alison Stanton Perrone, Esq.

The term “sex crimes” combines two very explosive concepts- sex and crime. When they come together there is a synergistic effect. The prosecution of sex crimes is different from every other criminal prosecution. There are different evidence rules, different motion practice and different sentencing provisions.

The sentencing laws commonly known as “Megan’s Law” are actually a group of statutes originally known as the Registration and Notification Act. At the core of these statutes is (1) the requirement of registration for certain sex offenders; (2) the scope of notification to the public which is based on the likelihood to re-offend. Basically, the higher the risk of re-offense the higher the tier in which the offender is placed. The higher the tier, the more people learn about the registration; (3) Community/Parole Supervision for Life.

The last provision is the most burdensome. Fortunately for those on the registry, the statutes permit most of the registrants to apply to be removed from the list and removed from the requirements of Community/Parole Supervision for life after fifteen years.

Although 15 years may not have run, an application to change a registrant’s tier level, or scope of notification, may be made within 15 years.

My Qualifications In This Area
  • As a published author, along with my co-author, I wrote the definitive treatise on sex crimes: "Sex Crimes in New Jersey: Understanding the Law and the Process." I have also authored the textbook "Sex, Crime and Justice."
  • As a judge, I presided over close to 90 serious sex crimes trials.
  • As a judge, I participated in countless plea negotiations in sex crime cases.
  • As a judge, I sentenced numerous sex offenders.
  • As a teacher, I have taught the subject of Sex, Crime and Justice in various colleges and other venues over the past 25 years. Click Here to see my teaching experience.

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