Megan’s Law Registry Removal and Sex Crimes Consultation Services

Megan’s Law Issues
  1. Meet personally with the client and review his/her sex offense file and history to confirm eligibility for removal.
  2. Prepare an application (commonly referred to as a motion) to be removed from the registry and from the requirements of Community/Parole Supervision.
  3. An application may also be made in certain cases to change the tier of a registrant. This may narrow the notification requirements, and sometimes remove the registrant from the Internet.
  4. Consult with the registrant’s treatment professional for a report to the court as part of the application.
  5. Have an attorney in my office who has worked with me on the motion to appear in court when the application for removal is scheduled.
  6. Review the order of removal and follow up to make sure the registrant’s name is removed.
Sex Crimes Consultations
  1. Assist attorneys who have limited experience in representation of clients charged with sex crimes charges.
  2. Review the entire file, including discovery, and make recommendations for motions, ex parte applications, as well as, reviewing plea offers with the attorney and client.
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