Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience
  • Lecturer OLLi_RU Rutgers Life Long Learning “Sex Crimes” 2016.
  • Adjunct Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, “Sex Offenders in the Criminal Justice System” 2012-to 2015.
  • Adjunct Faculty, Brookdale Community College, Department of Criminal Justice Lincroft New Jersey, 2011-2013
  • Instructor, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Rutgers University, “Sex Crimes and Justice”; “Introduction to Criminal Justice”; “Ideas in Justice”; and “Criminal Procedure”. 2002 to 2006.
  • Visiting Professor, “Sex, Crimes and Justice” Rutgers University, spring semesters 1996-2001.
  • Instructor, New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education: “Trying the Sexual Assault Case.” 2011; “Transformative Tools for Delivery of Justice” 2010; and “Criminal Law Institute” 2009.
  • Lecturer, Middlesex County Bar Association: “Sex Crimes Trials” 2010; “Ethics in Criminal Practice” 2010; “Professionalism” 2010.
  • Visiting Lecturer, Florida Judicial College, 2000.
  • Moderator and Lecturer, “Understanding Sexual Violence” New Jersey Judges Seminar, 2000.
  • Lecturer, National Judicial College, “Sex Crimes Litigation” 1998.
  • Instructor, “The Criminal Jury Trial” for the Administrative Office of the Courts orientation for new judges, 1992-2000.
  • Visiting Lecturer, Vermont Judicial College, 1995.
  • ICLE lecturer, “Criminal Trial Preparation” 1992, 1994, 1995, 2000; “Criminal Sentencing Procedures”, 1993; “Demystifying Selected Issues in Criminal Trial Practice”, 1995.
  • Lecturer, Governor’s Task Force on Child Abuse, 1994.
  • Instructor, New Jersey Judicial College, “Managing the Trial of Sex Crime Cases”,1993,1995,1997,1999,2002,2004,2006; “Jury Charges”, 1994; “Trial of Capital Causes”, 1998-2000; “Recent Developments in Criminal Law”, 1985-1986; “Use of Powerpoint in Charging Juries”, 2000.
  • Instructor, Institute for Continuing Legal Education, Skills and Methods course for new attorneys, 1969-1974 and 1992-present.
  • Criminal Retreat Lecturer, for judges assigned statewide to criminal division on various subjects including trial of death penalty cases, sex crimes, and management of complex litigation, etc. 1986-2000.