I have had mediations with Judge Barnett Hoffman. He is very professional and exceedingly patient even with difficult and emotional litigants. He came to the mediations totally prepared, with creative thoughts, and skills that put all the parties at ease. He was able to develop a strong personal rapport with all of the persons at the mediation. His style, positive attitude and the ability to diffuse tense situations and manage expectations were at the core of settling the cases. I strongly recommend Judge Hoffman as a mediator, and my colleagues will certainly concur.
          John J. Delaney, Jr. Esq.
          Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook, and Cooper, P.C.

Judge Barnett Hoffman was a member of our law firm for twelve years. During that time he presided over many successful mediations and arbitrations. He has a talent to diffuse tensions, and make litigants comfortable. He is very tenacious, with a strong desire to resolve the matter before him. I would highly recommend him for all ADR services.
          James E. Stahl, Partner
          Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Vignuolo, Hyman and Stahl,P.C.

About my book, "Sex Crimes in New Jersey" Understanding the Law and the Process":
In thirty-one plus years of practice, I have never read a more straightforward text dealing with a discrete area of Criminal Practice. It comprehensively covers substantive law, evidence, trial and sentencing issues accompanied by practical advice and perspective of the court, prosecutor, defense and clinician. This is a must own book for anyone involved in Criminal justice. Congratulations to Judge Hoffman.
          Jack Arseneault
          Arseneault & Fassett, LLP

I have practiced criminal law for over forty years and this is the finest practice book I have ever seen. Judge Hoffman and his colleagues have crafted a book which creates a rare confluence of scholarship and practical lawyering. It is the definitive work on sex crimes in the law.
         Joseph Hayden
         Pashman Stein Walder Hayden P.C.

When our football program was experiencing socially unacceptable behavior issues, Judge Hoffman spoke to the team about the law that governs sex crimes and other potential problem areas. He provided an information filled and engaging presentation to our football program. He has a unique way to drive important points across while making the audience feel comfortable and actively participating throughout. The scenarios he presented were ones that our players could relate to and situations they could be in. We received tremendous feedback from our players and staff regarding the message hitting home. It was a presentation that educated the players not only on the law, but situational awareness. Judge Hoffman’s experience provides a unique perspective that all of us found extremely interesting. Anytime anyone speaks to your program, the ultimate goal is for everyone who walks out of the meeting to learn something and retain information. When players continue to recall information from that presentation, I would call that a job well done by the presenter. I would highly recommend Judge Hoffman to any athletics program looking to educate their student athletes.
          Will Gilkison
          Director of Football Operations, Rutgers University

I have known Judge Barnett Hoffman for over twenty-five years. He is one of the most compassionate and intelligent individuals I have ever known. As a Superior Court Judge for over 20 years, Judge Hoffman had constant exposure to people with alcohol and drug problems who were charged with committing crimes. Judge Hoffman realized that they were being warehoused in the correctional facility without receiving help for their addictions. He did something about it. In 2001, Judge Hoffman pioneered the Adult Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) in the Middlesex County Correctional Center. The program has been hugely successful. Although Judge Hoffman retired from the Judiciary in 2002, he has continued his commitment to ASAP by being President of the Friends of ASAP Board of Trustees. His forward thinking has enabled numerous alcohol and drug dependent individuals to receive help. I have served under his leadership on the board since 2004. Judge Hoffman has dedicated himself to helping those in need. He has been a role model and has influenced me to look for the good in everyone.
          Jeff Weil
          Licensed alcohol and drug counselor and retired Master Probation Officer.